Marigold V
Copyright 2006, David J. Bookbinder


arlee said…
I would SOOOOOOOOOOOO love to translate these into textile art!!! Found you via the UBC forums--fascinating project!
PlatoHagel said…
Glad to see this effort is ongoing.

Now I just wanted to also add the idea of the chaldni plate for some thinking in regards to the flowers.

A Chladni plate consist of a flat sheet of metal, usually circular or square, mounted on a central stalk to a sturdy base. When the plate is oscillating in a particular mode of vibration, the nodes and antinodes set up form a complex but symmetrical pattern over its surface. The positions of these nodes and antinodes can be seen by sprinkling sand upon the plates;

While you have focused on the flowers, a person like Hans Jenny might focus on other things.

I wonder "what changed" to percieve colors in the way that you do?

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