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Consider this an invitation.

The Flower Mandalas blog has moved to, the leading spirituality portal, where it has taken on a new (and improved) form. My Flower Mandala work will still appear there, but now in the context of an ongoing exploration of art, healing, and transformation. New address:

The blog serves as a platform for a much broader discussion of the transforming power of art, with "art" defined in the broadest possible way (visual, literary, performing, popular, classical, modern, ancient, professional, tentative, eternal, spontaneous, etc.).

I'm still looking for your input! I would very much like to hear from you not only for the Flower Mandala Project but also to invite you to share your art, thoughts, and experiences as part of this broader discussion.

I'm hoping to use this forum to generate a lively worldwide discussion among artists, healers, and consumers of art. I am seeking artwork, stories, thoughts, and ideas from both producers and consumers of art about how art has influenced their lives. The blog will consist of my work, work by (and interviews with) guest artists, and excerpts (with permission) from the accompanying discussion groups.

Please share your art and your stories, thoughts, and feelings as comments on the blog or posts in the discussion groups, or directly via e-mail to me at I'd also appreciate your passing this message on to anyone you think might be interested in the topic of the healing and transforming power of art.

Flower Mandalas blog:
Art, Healing, and Transformation group:
Flower Mandalas Project group:

Thanks for listening and, I hope, sharing!

More anon,
- David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC


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