The Cast of Characters

NOTE: I’ve been working with an illustrator on the characters in my forthcoming book on balance and thought you might be interested in what we’ve developed. Here’s the cast of characters and a brief introduction to them.

Know thy self, know thy enemy.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

This is a book about balance: What disrupts it, what restores it, and how to keep it going.

It is also a story, and like any story, it has a cast of characters.

Some are friends and fellow travelers. Some are enemies. In the pages of this book you will come to know them well. But first, some introductions.




We are the heroes of this saga, an epic battle not only for balance but literally for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




The villain in our story is the nefarious UnBalancer.

UnBalancer is a fearsome and sometimes deadly force. It strives single-mindedly to unseat us, and sometimes it wins the battle – but not, as we’ll see, the war.




Our chief ally in combating UnBalancer is Balancer.

Balancer is the internal stabilizer that handles day-to-day stresses. It keeps us sane and balanced most of the time and, for the most part, holds UnBalancer at bay.

Emphasis on “for the most part.” When Balancer falls, things can get wonky fast.




Fortunately, Balancer is not our only ally.

Balancer’s trusty sidekick, ReBalancer, leaps into action when UnBalancer gets the upper hand.

ReBalancer is a good friend to have in a crisis.


Balanced/UnBalanced/ReBalanced Cycle

Here’s how these folks work to keep us sane:


1. Balancer works in the background to maintain our equilibrium.
2. UnBalancer trips us up!
3. ReBalancer comes to the rescue.
4. A stronger, wiser Balancer keeps us stable again.

That’s the cast. Stay tuned to catch them in action!

– David

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